About The Figure Workshop

We offer several services. Our most popular ones are:

One-On-One-Workshops, Group Workshops, Mini-Group-Workshops, Online Services, Skype, Lectures, Tag Coaching and Choreography.  Learn why our company is different, successful, and the Importance and Joining the “Sisterhood”.

Ladies, welcome to The Figure Workshop.  I am very excited to be meeting all of you and hope to develop a long-lasting relationship for many years to come.  I hope that you will decide to join our “Sisterhood” and be a part of our family at TFW. At TFW our first and foremost focus is “Positive” thinking. We have learned over the years and through studies that Positive thinking helps in all areas of life and especially in competing and your journey to the stage. We are not like any other company and the proof is in the package. TFW has a success rate of 95% of our clients placing top 3 in any competition entered, winning pro cards, placing in pro shows and winning World Championships and Overall titles. This stands true for our International Online and Skype clients as well. Our system does work!! Our One On One Workshops are the most popular package clients purchase. You will need at least a few One On One Workshops to learn the fundamentals and understand the importance of posing, transitions and stage presence. Stage Presence, presentation and displaying your physique properly will account for over 50% of your score. Many competitors don’t realize this but soon learn the day of their show just how important it truly is.

Let Coach J teach you her method of what she calls “TT” (Tiny Tweaking). This is different for each person and catered to their physique, both strong points and those that are not. When you see the finished product and after working with Coach J you will then see for yourself why so many of our clients do so well on stage and make a mark in the fitness industry.

TFW structures the Group Workshops at two levels. Beginner and Intermediate. The Beginner Group Workshops are much smaller, only 5-7 may participate to ensure a lot of one on one time with Coach J and to permit you to learn the fundamentals, skills and moves in order to understand the terminology and areas to focus on. All before even learning the actual poses for the division you will be competing in. The Intermediate Group Workshops allow Coach J to teach the ladies more difficult and challenging skills and moves, learn some advanced poses, turns and learn to use the platform that we only use at the advanced Workshops.

We create a fun, supportive and positive atmosphere for our ladies and each one leaves the studio with endorphin levels at its highest levels. Most of TFW clients attend monthly Group Workshops and Lectures throughout the year to not only keep their posing skills up to par but to improve and learn new tricks and secrets once they join the Intermediate Group Workshops. However, the One On One package is strongly suggested for a new client and even for one who wants to move to become a more advanced and polished competitor on stage. The majority of our clients often will take several One On One Workshops throughout the year and we discount them to make it more affordable.

Many of you may have heard about our Raffle giveaways at our Group Workshops, from our fitness companies and affiliates. These prizes are worth up to $400.00 and total of over $2,000.00. The ladies love “Raffle Time” and it’s a great way to unwind after two hours of posing, decompress and chat with the other TFW Sisters. The other two main reasons why Raffle TIme is great is it gives the ladies the opportunity to test out products and services without making a large initial purchase and for the companies in the industry to educate the ladies about their services and products.

All Workshops are open-regulated-Workshops, meaning the posing will be catered to each organization's rules and regulations that our participants are competing in. Therefore, it is very important that you send us the information that pertains to you as well as what division you will be competing in. All posing formats will be of that organization and division you are competing in.

Our Online and Skype services are equally as successful, with 95% of them placing top 3, earning pro status, winning National and World titles for over 15 organizations!! We have clients fly in from Bermuda, Canada, Italy, Ohio and all over to meet Coach J in the home studio and continue to work with her yearround. The ones that only use the Online and Skype services have the exact same success rate. It’s a fact!! References are available upon request.

NOTE: Many of the Lectures and Group Workshops will have celebrity guest speakers which will be announced the day prior to the Lecture or Group as an added surprise. These are professionals who have a lifetime of knowledge in the fitness industry.

You may ask why choose The Figure Workshop for all your competition needs? The list goes on..

  • We have the most extensive network of professionals to accomplish your goals. They are the best in the industry and will go above and beyond for TFW clients.
  • We cover “everything” that you need to know about competing and more:
  • Coach J has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. Her first-hand-knowledge is second to none because of all her experience, knowledge, resources and affiliations that she has acquired over the years. She knows what the judges are looking for; how to pose in ways to accentuate your own physique; to take advantage of all your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
  • She has been teaching the proper posing, model walks for over 15 different organizations, and knows many of the Presidents and affiliates of these organizations. Therefore, for example she can obtain feedback from the judges after your competition and find out any changes in the rules and regulations immediately and has first-hand-knowledge what look each organization is looking for in each organization.
  • TFW has created a “Positive” atmosphere and we encourage all our clients to keep that mindset throughout their fitness journey including the day of your competition.
  • We do NOT call ourselves a “Team”, we are a “Sisterhood” which means we are all supportive of each other, become very close as friends and many have said “it’s like going to a family reunion every month” and we do not form “alliances” that exclude others backstage or at competitions. We are a supportive and positive group of ladies.
  • TFW has their very own Competition Concierge service that we provide for all our clients. This company handles our clients’ swimsuit selection, shoes, backstage robes, jewelry, and more (you will receive discounts on every item they provide). No other company provides this for their clients. TFW is the “one stop competition shop”
  • TFW has an entire team of professional resources available to suit your needs for training, nutrition, and other specific needs for your fitness journey.
  • TFW provides realistic “mock competitions” for our clients, using platforms, lighting, marking the stage, etc. We also offer photo sessions with a professional photographer to make your time with us as realistic to your show day as possible.
  • Coach J makes a priority to stay close to her girls, communicate between Workshops, do photo assessments inbetween Workshops. She helps them from start to finish and will often provide Tag Coaching services for them free if her schedule permits.
  • All of the following are sponsors and affiliates that we are associated with and who send gift certificates, raffles and often samples for “Raffle Time”.
The Figure Workshop CJ’s Elite MiBoLife Publishing Deathwish Bodywear ARD Nutrition Species Nutrition Revolutionary Nutrition Wandaful Cafaro Elise Firestone Opt Flavors And more.. Please feel free to contact Coach J at any time with questions, inquiries and to book One On One Workshops, Group Workshops and Lectures. To receive our Newsletter, pricing and packages and to find out more about our company and why we are so different and successful. We look forward to seeing you soon at our home studio with the rest of the “Sisterhood”. Remember, “it’s all about stage presence”… Think like a champion so shall you be one…… Coach J (914) 391-0913 stagecoachjanet@gmail.com