6 Advantages of Transaction Logging As Portion of the SAP Audit Compliance

In the standard SAP System, broad ranges of selections bocater  can be obtained for logging consumer things to do and adjustments created to your SAP procedure. Providers should make use of them selectively to record the demanded information explicitly, and at the very same time for you to aid their well-organized evaluation and utilization. When company logs person routines here will be the six rewards for the firm for compliance with SAP IT Audit, raising efficiency and conserving income.

Tracking Sensitive Transactions

SAP has great deal of sensitive payment/approval and mass change transactions which could have fiscal implications or details decline from the technique. So these transactions should only be supplied to constrained number of users and may also be monitored who’s got obtain them consistently. This could help the sap audit workforce to trace the utilization by authorised consumers.

Regression tests

When enterprise applies patches on the program there should be tests finished to make sure the prevailing transaction are operating thoroughly. Should the transactions are tracked, then a few of the closely applied transactions could possibly be analyzed. This may offer good benefit for the corporation by conserving time and cash given that the screening staff can focus on core transactions that happen to be applied closely.

Function Style

The transactions usage report could offer the SAP Audit team the transactions which might be not staying used in the technique. Armed with this particular data the SAP Audit Workforce can endorse several of the transactions which could possibly be removed from the roles.


The instruction is based over the roles and transaction assigned to them. While using the transaction tracking turned to the organization could get a list of transactions that happen to be seriously made use of and listing of transaction which happen to be really lightly made use of. Then the coaching co-coordinators can target over the transaction which might be intensely applied and switch the training to compute primarily based education for a few with the flippantly utilized transactions. This can help you save instruction value for the organization


SAP Classifies user based on the type of transaction they perform within the method. Should they perform change transactions they are classified as operational customers, whilst when they are just making use of show transactions they can be categorised as informational buyers. The fee from the licensing service fees could be reduced if you’re able to recognize consumers that are just undertaking display transactions during the method.

Determine Protection Incidents

Too much usage of the particular transaction by particular terminal or consumer may be investigated if somebody is trying to compromise the program. One more element may be analyzed is too several transaction failures developing

Transaction checking provides you lot of benefit to the revenue, if it can be accomplished on an automated way. Carrying out it manually could introduce large amount of faults and may take lots of time. Additional above the result may well not be dependable.

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